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My name is Sierra Rosival, I am a licensed massage therapist. I attended massage school at Everest College in San Francisco and graduated in 2012. I immediately started working in the field with a large company that specialized in massage. The insight and experience I gained from that position has guided me to starting my own company, Wellbeing Massage. 

Before I start a session with a new client I have them fill out a medical history from to insure that they are physically able to receive a massage. I make sure I review the form and talk with my client to find out what benefits they would like to gain during the session. My goal is to assist the body in the healing process, whether its a relaxation massage to help relieve stress or a deep tissue to work out the knots.

I believe massage has the ability to help the body heal itself and I think that every body deserves a massage. 

Every Body Deserves A Massage.

Wellbeing Massage

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